Saturday, May 8, 2010

Should go.

The silence where your voice should go;

The shoulders where your arms should go;

The odorless room where your scent should go;

The quiet stairs where your tread should go;

The echo where your laughter should go;

The void in my heart where your life should go;

I ache for you Mom,. Happy Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Puking out my back door, and other follies.

I'd apologize for being so long in between blogs, but meh...

Where to start? Rupert was sad, sweet, humbling, and anger inducing. The service was really nice, some of the people not so much. Family is sure a nasty business, luckily it wasn't my family for a change.

I worked hard there helping BFF with all I could, cleaning and hauling and arranging and cooking and dishes....LORD the dishes! I'm worried about her. She has since been Dr ordered off of work with palpitations and high blood pressure. I had a similar go around after my Mom passed. It's a complicated thing losing your mother. I hope she'll be ok. Buzz and I had to cancel our interior bike trip as we're going back up in a couple weeks to attend the 100th b-day celebrations and finish up with the house.

Husband of BFF is having problems with his elderly father as well. It's not my place to say what, suffice it to say, his dad is on a list for an emergency placement in a locked facility. His parents live in town here, so I've been in contact with his mom to see if she's ok.

Niece of BFF is having a very complicated pregnancy, she's diabetic and obese. Another friend is also having a complicated pregnancy, looks like the baby may have problems.. J is on the list for more surgery and having a Hell of a time with funding and support for her special needs kids. Another elderly friend has breast cancer. Then there's my drunk sister, who has somehow *forgotten* the bawling out she received and it's business as usual. Damn.

Yeah, yeah, I'll stop. Soon. I've been sick off and on for a couple weeks, puking and all that goes with. My tooth has broken again, the new red microwave has broken, both cars have had work done on them this week and to add a little icing on the shit pile that is my life....the fucking mower seized up. Let us not forget the septic field trouble....again.

We have a new dog in the hood, Louie. Yup great name, annoying dog. I wish people would take proper care of their pets. He's at large half the time and either in our yard shitting and stealing food/bones, or in the middle of the damn road. I've had people knock on my door and ask if he's mine. This makes me feel responsible for him, I don't want him to get hit or lost or whatever. Buzz has taken him home and locked him on his deck, and again you feel responsible. Does he have water? Is he going to get out again?

I figured after Drunkie, the Una-bomber, Damien and Lucifer moved on that the neighbourhood would be quiet again....hah Louie barks all the time as well, a hair raising small siren squeal that I could happily live without.

Isn't this fun? Maybe I was worried about sounding negative?

I won't go into the reasons as you people are cognizant about world events, the following list of things has sent me into a tail spin.

Karla Homolka-pardon.
Clifford Olson-pension.
Hugo Tale-Yax-Good Samaritan.
Michael Kandola-Gay basher.
Betty Thomas-lost in Skaha lake.
HST-pre collection period.
Constable Peter Hodson-VPD drug lord.
Hojjat Ol-Eslam Kazem Sediqi-Misogynistic fear mongering coward.

Some good things.

Bike is insured.
Tiger lost the Masters.

I've been watching Deadliest Catch, it's bittersweet knowing that Phil is close to his end. I've been a rabid follower of that show for 4 years or so and it won't be the same without him. Ms. Redgrave passed yesterday, 67 years old. She sure fought the good fight for 7 years, a family acting dynasty is coming to an end.

We had a good Easter, lots of soup for the freezer, I made gallons of the stuff. 31 years into this relationship and Buzz finally gets up the nerve to tell me he doesn't like salt pork in his pea

Quiet birthday, I'm still owed a lunch. Jilly made me a nice gift, a copper license plate modeled off the one from my mom's bike.

Well this should either have you laughing, suicidal, or thanking your God that you aren't me. At least it's not cancer. Right? I'll blog a funny later. Booker Todd has a story to tell.

Well the sun shines on a dog's ass every once in awhile; I guess it's my turn~Capt'n Phil.