Sunday, May 8, 2011

Does she....

Call too often?
Ask endless personal questions?
Keep crashing her computer?
Mix up your favorite dish with your sib's?
Screw up her PVR settings?
Tell you how to raise her grand kids?
Embarrass you with the same old stories?
Haul out the family movies?
Comment on every little thing on FB?
Complain about your Dad?
Make you clean the gutters?
Expect to see you on Sunday?
Overfeed you?
Live in an outdated home?
Wear that same old coat?
Send you five bucks on your birthday?
Talk too much?
Hug too much?
Wear that tacky shade of lipstick?
Expect you to drop everything to drive her to an appointment?
Have old canned goods in the cellar?
Refuse to get a hearing aid?
Drink cold tea?
Use a magnifying glass?
Have ill fitting dentures?
Stuff a stocking for you at Christmas?

If you answered yes to any one of these, it means your mom is still living, still engaged, and loving you as she always has; she's still here for you and worried about you.

Hug her, kiss her, enjoy her, eat whatever the Hell she puts in front of you.
You are so lucky.