Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Most days I can get out of bed, spend an hour on the computer and go kick some serious ass on the treadmill or out on the track, do some housework or visit friends and cook a fab supper for Buzz.

Some days it takes me longer to get out of bed and maybe I'll do a little less on the treadmill and need a nap before I make supper,but I still kicked that days ass.

Other days I can't jump out of bed, I can get up though and stretch a bit and maybe if I'm not too sore I can do the laundry or sweep the floor. That's about it, no walking on other days. I still however kick that days ass, because I got out of the bed. I may go right back into it, but I got up and kicked that days ass to the best of my ability.

These days I've learned to listen to my body, and actually do what it needs.

Luckily other days are becoming rarer but they do still happen. I'm gonna go kick some ass....gently.