Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Apathy

Once again, I sit and wonder WTH is happening in the world? Tuscon Arizona, a mass murder/shooting. 14 injured and 6 dead. Among the dead a 9 year old girl, Christina Taylor Green (ironically born on 9/11) a federal judge, John Roll, Congresswoman Giffords' aide, Gabe Zimmerman and Mr. D.Stoddard who threw himself on his injured wife Mavy, Dorothy Morris, and Phyllis Scheck both grandmothers.

What caused this obviously mentally ill 22 year old kid to do this? Were there warning signs? I'm reminded of the Columbine shooters who posted pretty much what they had planned on the web. All the warning signs were there, yet nobody did a thing about it. I figured after that it would never happen again, yet it has.

Jared Lee Loughner had a myspace page, with many clues, maybe not what he had planned or the where and the when of it, but there were signs that he was disturbed and violent. He railed against many different things.

He had 100 rounds and a knife and according to sources at the scene he was pretty pleased with himself afterward. They found an envelope at his home that had writing on it; Giffords, my assassination and I planned ahead.

He was suspended from college, (PIMA sent him a letter saying he wasn't allowed back until he brought in a Dr's note saying he wouldn't be a danger to himself or others.) and according to Dateline he was denied enlistment in the Army. hhhmmmm. YET THEY LET HIM BUY A GLOCK 9mm!!!???

I was also disgusted by the Sarah Palin political ad, she put crosshairs on a map with representative Giffords and 19 other democratic representatives. She then urged her followers to *reload* and *aim* for democrats. The map read, "We've diagnosed the problem... Help us prescribe the solution."

Then there was Ms. Giffords political opponent Jesse Kelly, who held an event last June to shoot a fully automatic M16, to get on* target* and *remove* Gabrielle Giffords.

Soon after her office was vandalized.

Seems to me they did everything to facilitate this horror except buy him a juice box and a bus pass.

Once again our friends from the Westboro baptist church plan to protest at some of the funerals.
What an outrage, they get to spread their hate and spew their prejudice while a peaceful gathering outside of a Safeway on a sunny January morning takes it on the chin.

I'm sickened and saddened and horrified, have we become so desensitized and worried about not getting involved or fitting in that we can't nip something like this in the bud?

Our apathy allowed Ms. Giffords to be shot point blank in the head, a nine year old girl to be murdered and scores of families that will never be right again.

I wish things were different.