Thursday, August 17, 2017

I just about lost the plot today.
I saw one too many posts about the gov't giving refugees and immigrants huge amounts of money.
Taking food out of the mouths of pensioners.
Not true, proven over and over.
What are people afraid of? What?
We have so much in relation to these people, can't we give a little?

The religious right, wtf? Are you not reading your own bible? You feel it nescessary to instill such hatred toward *Muslims*  You want prayer back in schools, but your good Christian prayer. Not any other religion. Just yours.

The lazy ass who sits at home smoking and drinking and eating garbage, is outraged because some kid who overdosed is getting *free* narcan. Really? You have to pay for your lipitor? Fuck off.
Where's your compassion?

Just today I saw a picture of refugees coming into Canada with this hateful caption; Illegal immigrants have child porn!
Please, these people have a few clothes in a bag plus oodles of kiddy porn? Again, fuck off!

I try to be nice, respect other views, but I'm not a saint. So today I say to all of you that think any of these things are true to just this once think before you open your cake hole. And fuck off! Really, you and all your bigoted racist mysonginistic cunt friends too.
I'm so mad I'm not punctuating or spell checking or worried about my grammar.