Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dona Nobis Pacem

Wow, a whole year has just zoomed by, I've been sitting here procrastinating about not only this blog entry but putting cream on Tiger Lily's belly. She licks, it gets bald and rash-y, I apply cream, she licks and gags and we repeat the whole process.
It got me to thinking about how she's somewhat at war with her belly, no peace for her, it's always itchy, therefore it must be licked.
My body is at war with itself, arthritis and Fibromyalgia, it aches and pops, it swells up in different spots, it makes sure that the most common things are a struggle. Need that can opened? Zipper zipped? Husband pinched? Don't count on my body to do it.
It makes me cranky and makes me pout and makes me guilty. I can in no way get comfortable with my body, I have no peace in my own skin.
I am however luckier than the majority of the population. I can see a doctor, I have a roof over my head and food in my belly (I'm now eating for a small village) I can safely go out of my home, I can vote, I can take a course, I can travel.
I used to lay awake at night worrying about the state of things in my immediate family, but then my worry traveled even farther and I found myself in a constant state of indignation about the horrors visited upon little kids and innocent people who wanted nothing more than a warm bed and belly. Some security for their children.
I had to prioritize as there's nothing worse than an arthritic cranky woman going through menopause and ranting about the injustices in our world.
I still care, I have to do it through organisations and groups and the written word though, it has to be part of my life, not my whole life.
I'm lucky to have this small battle with my body, this war of self. I'm lucky, I'm fortunate and have to remember to be grateful and count my blessings. 
So many millions of people aren't lucky enough to have arthritis, a full belly, a home and safety for their families.
Those of you that have the resources and the political clout, please promote peace, please promote love and respect, please count your blessings. The rest of us will blog and write articles and try to continue our journeys with love and care.
I hope you only have arthritis too. Peace.