Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's funny

Not funny haha, but funny odd how my priorities change when I'm in constant pain.
Last week I was moaning and dripping about money and shoes and a dress for the wedding.
I was badgering Buzz (hard to believe I know) about getting fitted for a suit, worried about The Boy's clothes and the price of a hotel. Then there was my hair, my uneven grey hair.

This week I'm prepared to give away everything and everyone I hold dear for just one pain free day.
The first snake oil salesman to knock on my door can have it all. If he brings cake, he can have absolutely everything.
Cake and a pain free day to scarf it down sounds pretty sweet to me right now.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

This had nothing to do with hockey.

I've received a couple e-mails on what I thought about last night's idiocy in Vancouver. I'm still trying to process, what a stupid thoughtless thing to happen.

I guess it wasn't without thought, people brought matches, gas, rags, Molotov cocktails and masks. They were evidently planning on a riot win or lose and apparently wanted to be part of *History*.

It defies description the thought process that went into this, call me naive, I just don't understand why this is considered a cool thing. Luckily for the authorities they also brought along their cameras and cell phones to record the whole thing, and being of the new interconnected generation, the darlings of social media, they posted their criminal acts on-line, and helpfully tagged each other.

That right there goes toward showing the intelligence of your average "rioter".

What did they gain, apart from their picture in the paper? Not a damn thing, all they accomplished was hurting some business's and destroying some property . They hurt some law enforcement officers and put all first responders in jeopardy, not to mention the really innocent people who were trying to get the Hell out of there. They hurt the small business guy as well, what's the point in that?

I wonder if we'll hear from some of these people about police brutality like we did in 1994? You riot, you hurt people and you get all pissy when you get gassed or put on the ground, tough for you eh? Poor Diddums. Then you have the audacity to complain about liquor pour outs or events being cancelled, you're the reason that Vancouver is billed as *No fun city*.

I also wonder what these twits have to riot about? Not allowed to vote? Not able to get an education? Beaten in the street for your religious beliefs? Being bombed by militant forces? No groceries in the stores? No clean water? Living under the boot of a tyrant? Forced circumcision for your daughter?

No? Then why?

Perhaps Rogers wouldn't give you that really good cell phone plan? Maybe your mommy took away your video console? Couldn't borrow daddy's Mercedes for the night? You Chai Latte too expensive?

You had no reason and no bloody right. Were you residing in Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria or Lebanon I could get behind your right to protest, your right to a better life, but living in Vancouver and wearing your expensive hockey jersey's and using your cell phones to record your idiocy, I have no respect or sympathy for you. Not one scintilla of pity.

Keep the photos coming and keep on tagging yourselves. Parents turn in your kids and don't pay for a lawyer, let them squirm and let them do time. Better yet, send them to Afghanistan to fight for the freedoms they enjoy and take for granted, let them see what real suffering is.

So I guess I'm a lot pissed off and saddened. This beggars belief.

I've also been hearing reports about the police presence, complaints from business owners about not getting help in a timely fashion. Cut them some slack, it was a riot, people come first as unfortunate as that is for your business or your car, which can be repaired and replaced.

Thank you VPD,RCMP, VFD and all the rest who dropped everything to get this under control.