Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have a friend

I have a friend, who challenges me.
I have a friend, who is intelligent and witty.
I have a friend, who makes me laugh.
I have a friend, who holds me up.
I have a friend, who tells me like it is.
I have a friend, who knows obscure song lyrics.
I have a friend, who drives on vacation.
I have a friend, who knows my darkest thoughts.
I have a friend, who loves me in spite of myself.
I have a friend, who is always there for me.
I have a friend, who is sometimes misunderstood.
I have a friend, who lives in physical pain.
I have a friend , who means the world to me.
I have a friend, who I love.
I have a friend, who has a birthday tomorrow.
Happy Birthday my dear friend, and I wish for you many more pain free years.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Impaired thinking

Some questions:

Do you bathe with a plugged in toaster?
Do you stick screwdrivers into electrical sockets?
Do you dive into the shallow end of the pool?
Do you run with scissors?
Do you let your kids play in traffic?
Do you lock your dog in a hot car?


Then why do so many of you drink and ride/drive?
Are you damaged?

Think about how you'd feel if you killed someone.
Think about the paramedic who has to scrape you off the road.
Think about the motherless child you may leave behind.
Think about the person you may paralyze.
Think about the poor SOB who hits you due to your carelessness.

It's not just about you and your deluded reasoning on how much alcohol you can handle.
There are no excuses for drinking and riding/driving, if you think there is your thinking is impaired.

I can handle my liquor.
I weigh 300 lbs so this won't get me drunk.
It's only one with lunch.
It's been an hour since my last one.
I'm a functioning alcoholic.
nonononononononononono WRONG!!

There have been so many deaths this year in the riding community, not due to alcohol, due to all manner of things. It's dangerous enough on a motorcycle, don't make it worse.
If you have a death wish, put the damn toaster in the tub, don't get drunk and drive on my roads. Think about your kids for Christs' sake.