Friday, January 29, 2010

Toothless in P.A.

I'm feeling ranty today, I better think before I type.

Sad news today, B.U.M. (back up mom) is sick, I'm scared for her and her kids/grandkids and selfishly for me. I'm at an all time low for tolerating any more bad news. Get better Betty, the world needs you.

Damn tooth broke, if I try hard enough and eat kd for three months I can pay for it, or I can remain indoors, toothless, hiding, and muttering about it, I'll deal with it next week I guess, maybe.

Just got caught up on Mad Men, awesome show, best ever. Really.

Steve Fonyo, what a kick in the nuts for a true Canadian hero. He has a disease and needs help, what he doesn't need is for the fat suits in Ottawa to take away the one good thing he has. He raised 14 million dollars people, he got up on his one leg when a lot of us would have given up and accomplished something that most people can't even conceive of. He's earned respect, not a kick in the teeth when he's down by a pack of lazy proroguing smoking drinking out of touch womanizing politicians. Shame on all of you.

Meanwhile Conrad Black and Mulroney get to keep theirs? WTF?? I'm embarrassed.

Then we have poor Mr. Wu, he had the honor of getting the shit kicked out of him by plainclothes Vancouver police officers, they had the wrong address. Picture this, you have little or no English and a pack of armed men break into your home and start screaming at you to "GET DOWN" Shit, what a cluster fuck. Hope he sues the badges off of them.

Speaking of police, have you seen the shitstorm surrounding the Surrey six? That's two officers now caught red handed breaking ethical and criminal law. There's a couple people who should be fired outright. I suppose if they were recipients of The Order of Canada they'd get to keep it. Asshats.

Anyway, the last night for Dollhouse, which is a shame, seems if I like a program it'll get cancelled.
Remember: Pushing Daisey's? Boomtown? Moonlight? New Amsterdam? Jericho? Sarah Conner Chronicles? The Unusuals? Life? Freaks and Geeks? Bah.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh, I forgot

To Surrey pastor Justin Dennison;
You sir are a bigoted, small minded, hate mongering asshat of the highest order. I'm horrified at your comments about the earthquake in Haiti.
Hiding behind your pulpit and expounding on "Voodoo spiritual darkness" as justification for tens of thousands of deaths is cowardly, and as far from being Christian as a breathing upright humanoid can get. Shame on you.

Bleeding offspring and the loss of the pyrex

One thousand pardons to my 8 readers, I've been sick (read lazy) and trying to catch up to my tv on-line.

We had a quiet Christmas this year and an even quieter new year, just the critters and I. Booker Todd didn''t even make it 'til midnight.

Christmas eve had us scarfing down our turkey and it was an early night. Clawdette reasserted her dominant position over her skin siblings and had them both bleeding by the time they left. The kids left me hanging in the a.m. and I had all the housework done by 9 and Clawdette had already consumed her crouton by the time they finally arrived.

Did the present thing, Buzz gifted me with a printer/scanner/copier/fax that I'm sure has the capability of launching satellites. Pretty daunting for a techno-phobe like me. I'm still battling with Ruby and have yet to print anything.

Buzz received a gps which he programmed with Christopher Walkens voice. Great merriment ensued on the way to Grandma's house on boxing day, turn left at 600 yards (>/big pause) meters.

We spent Christmas day in front of the box watching the first season of SOA borrowed from a friend (thanks Kevin) I'd been jonsing to see it for so long I was in a near catatonic state, it didn't disappoint. I watch season deux on-line, and I'll buy it as soon as I'm able and watch it on the big screen.

The pyrex, my mother-loving 4 cupper, flew out of the fridge and shattered on the floor. Not so bad you may contained the left over gravy. We wept.

The 27th was an interesting day, we had a gas filled house, an incontinent cat, a cut finger, an empties spill, olive oil in the cheezies and ran out of propane for the 1/2 bbq'ed steaks. I was a quivering mess and went to bed by 6.

Sado slept through Christmas, *The Dullard* hid, and the other two over ate, so that's about right.

Buzz finally managed to pass his virus onto my person about 10 days ago, it's all in my head, sinus, ear, eye, banging headache and copious amounts of snot and phlegm. I've said it before if phlegm were an olympic event....

Like I said I've been watching a lot of shows. Sanctuary, SOA, Weeds, Dexter, True Blood and my new fave Breaking Bad. All great in their own way and made the ebola/bohunka a little easier to bear, hopefully that'll be it for awhile 'cause the joints are pretty good right now and the sun is out a little every day. The snow peas are peeking out already and the magnolia is even budding.

I long for spring and the wherewithal to work my new launcher.