Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dona Nobis Pacem

As those who follow my Blog know I haven't posted in awhile, a long while. I do Blog for Peace every year though, I feel it's important and my civic duty. (like voting)
I had this post buzzing in my bean for weeks, it kept editing itself and going off on tangents while inserting a peace/ love/ hippie soundtrack.

 I was (as usual) horrified by the news. I'm a news junkie and tune in every day with a sense of foreboding mixed with trepidation and a lot of nausea. Lately I've been angry and sick more often than not.

I had prepared a list of all the atrocities for the last month or so that I've seen on local, national and international news casts. The indignities done to our children our elderly and the down trodden, the horrors of war, assassinations and animal cruelty. I had my well researched list of links for you to click on, the facts to back up my observations as it were. I was prepared.

However, when it came down to actually writing the post I couldn't do it. Who needs to see all that again? Who needs to re-live it? I certainly didn't.

I ended up wanting to talk and write about two words, two little words that we toss off every once in awhile. I've written extensively about one of the words and try to fill my posts with the other.

Love and Respect. That's it, two little words; but also two huge things to use and embrace, to practice and perfect in your day to day. Love and Respect. Two huge things to implement when you interact with your family and friends, and most importantly yourself.

Love and Respect, we need to show our children these two little words from the time they come to us. Love them for who they are, respect their rights and personal space. Embrace their religious beliefs, their lifestyle choices, their attempts at art, music and self expression.

 Love them unconditionally, teach them by example, not punishment. After all they are all miraculous.

Dispense hugs and shoulders to cry on, the remains on blouses and shirts can be washed away, not so easy when you wound some one's psyche, or damage them with abuse and neglect, ridicule and name calling.

Respect and love that's all it takes.

Don't be a bully, don't be a racist, don't be an abuser, don't be a gossip, don't be a liar, don't be a hater.

Love and Respect it starts at home.

 It gets carried through the lives your children lead, and it ends up in the hearts of all the people that you and your children and their children come into contact with. Lead by example.

Respect and love.