Sunday, November 4, 2018

Dona Nobis Pacem 2018

I'm afraid
I'm afraid for my kids
I'm afraid for your kids
I'm afraid for decency and kindness.

I'm not afraid of a mislabeled hoard
I'm not afraid of refugees
I'm not afraid of Muslims
I'm not afraid of Jews.

I'm afraid of fear based decisions
I'm afraid of liars
I'm afraid of complacency
I'm afraid we've become too correct.

I'm afraid the balance is gone
I'm afraid we'll have a world war
I'm afraid we can't stop the downward spiral
I'm afraid we've forgotten how to stand up for what's right.

I'm afraid.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

from 2015

We read and post all manner of different inspirational messages on Face Book. We post about becoming better people and forgiving quickly and paying it forward. We post about our children and grandchildren, we post about how much we miss our parents and friends who have gone on ahead of us. We post about growing and educating ourselves, about how we'd like to see the world grow and change to be more like our new found faith, or religion or hobby or philosophy. We post about it and then we go to bed and get up and repeat the same damn patterns, hang up on some one if they tick us off, yell at the dog, judge someone by their clothing, laugh or the way they wear their hair. Get angry because your parent keeps calling or get mad at the checkout girl, the guy at the bank, the moron that cut you off. You come home and post about it, get on Face Book and rail against opportunists and asshats, we all do it, we all feel it, we all are doing our best. Think twice, maybe three times before posting a negative comment, think twice about posting an inspirational post that you have no intention of really looking at or reading. Do your best to be kind and thoughtful, do your best not to hurt anyone, do your best and the rest of it will go away. The external clamor, the negative. Be kind, we reap what we sow, we really do. Try smiling at the guy who cut you off, try telling the guy at the bank to have a nice day. I've learned over the years that a kind gesture, a pat on the back a hug a laugh can really help someone get through their day. Kiss the dog on his gasket and hug your cat, tomorrow will be better than today and if not, don't take it out on the mail lady. Be your best. Be kind.