Sunday, October 5, 2014

Road Construction and Meth Follies.

Road construction and meth follies.

And here we go again. It isn't bad enough that the property next door belongs to a prolific thief, who  in addition to his thievery over the past 12 years has done the following.

#1. Let his goat eat my raspberry canes. (we know this because he tethered said goat to them)

#2. Had his pack of vicious dogs roam our property repeatedly, and attack our beloved dog Milly to the point where she was never the same, and almost died. She had a rip in her throat, a deep puncture under her front left leg and her belly was ripped up so badly she needed drains put in.

#3. His various batches of pigs have *escaped* into our yard so many times it was becoming farcical. Pigs, if you're unaware can really rip up your yard to the point where the grass is a mud hole. 

#4. Shooting *at* said pigs to butcher them, (with an unregistered .22) while they ran in circles, un-tethered. So he was shooting and missing toward our house. That's right, firing a weapon at my house.

#5. The burning. He burns casings from stolen copper wire, gutted innards from campers, Styrofoam, plastics and his garbage. He burns in an open pit during fire bans even. Apparently the rules don't apply  to him. The resulting smoke makes Tijuana smell like spring in the mountains. It's toxic and invasive. Can't leave the pets out, can't open the windows, can't hang out the laundry. 

#6. His *boarders*. These have progressed from an elderly man, (who he worked like an indentured servant) to the odd rub-a-dub. (I'm not talking about  poor and unfortunate homeless alcoholics) I'm talking about hardcore bush people who'd steal your fillings right out of your mouth. These are the winners we've caught walking *through* the back acre stealing firewood, and anything that isn't nailed down. Now we have the new crop, the meth heads. These are the wanderers, the screamers, the ones that keep me out of my own yard. We've caught them making their way through the blackberry bushes, ripped to shit trying to find a way *off* the property. They're afraid of the thief. Now they're making *roads* escape routes. They've taken old planks and placed them over the ditch to the road, and hacked their way through, just on the thief's property. (So right up against ours.) We've heard several *stories* from the one female about how the thief won't let her go, he has her car, he thinks she owes him money, he ran her boyfriend off, he beat up a little girl etc etc etc.

So what are we supposed to do? We've called the cops, the fire dept, the S.P.C.A., three different by-law officers over the years. Finally Buzz called the ACRD again about the burning and the R.C.M.P. about the *kidnapping* and that's all we can do. The cop said to keep reporting them. Big deal.

Years ago, I think 7 or 8, there was a big bust next door, he was caught with a flat bed full of chainsaws and other small outdoor tools. An engine for a helicopter, still boxed up! Some (get this) building material from the new police station. Lots and lots of other stolen items. Vehicles and campers and boats! Oh My! There were news crews, helicopters, all manner of goings on. Do you know what happened after that? Not a fucking thing. I don't know if he was ever charged, but he's still there, still carrying on.

 I'd like to feel some compassion for the addicts but come on, go three feet onto the road and walk the fuck away. Go help yourself. Go sit in the police station. Stay the fuck off our property. Keep your vicious dogs/drunks/meth heads on your side. That's all I want, I want him to be held to the same standard as the rest of us. I really don't care what you do on your property, stay the Hell off mine.

So now I'm thinking we need to make them some road signs. They've already built their own *Ice* road, it's just past Meth way the 2nd left after Crystal Junction. Fuck me large.