Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sick of this *debate*.

I don't ever say guns kill people. People kill people with guns, knives, cars etc. Why arm a person to the teeth, with semi- automatic weapons that are only good for massacring  people? You wouldn't hunt with one, you can't really target shoot with one and why the Hell would you want one in your home near your kids and grand kids?
I believe we have the right to defend ourselves and hunt for meat, we can have a personal fire arm (after proper courses and certification)We don't  need semi automatic weapons to do these things.
You need the right tool for the job, this whole spoon thing pisses me off. You know all the pro children shooters ('cause really that's what you are)  are all saying that it's like blaming the spoon for making you fat. You wouldn't use a ladle to feed your baby and you wouldn't use a (insert big bad small penis overcompensating weapon here) to kill a deer.
The 2nd amendment was written over 200 years ago, times change.  The only pack of wild indigenous peoples you have to worry about are gangs with semi automatic weapons.
Work at getting these weapons off the street, work at outlawing them. Really, all they do is kill people, a bunch of people all at once.
Makes life easier for the lazy mentally disturbed mass killers to walk into a building (ANY building) and open fire.