Friday, January 29, 2010

Toothless in P.A.

I'm feeling ranty today, I better think before I type.

Sad news today, B.U.M. (back up mom) is sick, I'm scared for her and her kids/grandkids and selfishly for me. I'm at an all time low for tolerating any more bad news. Get better Betty, the world needs you.

Damn tooth broke, if I try hard enough and eat kd for three months I can pay for it, or I can remain indoors, toothless, hiding, and muttering about it, I'll deal with it next week I guess, maybe.

Just got caught up on Mad Men, awesome show, best ever. Really.

Steve Fonyo, what a kick in the nuts for a true Canadian hero. He has a disease and needs help, what he doesn't need is for the fat suits in Ottawa to take away the one good thing he has. He raised 14 million dollars people, he got up on his one leg when a lot of us would have given up and accomplished something that most people can't even conceive of. He's earned respect, not a kick in the teeth when he's down by a pack of lazy proroguing smoking drinking out of touch womanizing politicians. Shame on all of you.

Meanwhile Conrad Black and Mulroney get to keep theirs? WTF?? I'm embarrassed.

Then we have poor Mr. Wu, he had the honor of getting the shit kicked out of him by plainclothes Vancouver police officers, they had the wrong address. Picture this, you have little or no English and a pack of armed men break into your home and start screaming at you to "GET DOWN" Shit, what a cluster fuck. Hope he sues the badges off of them.

Speaking of police, have you seen the shitstorm surrounding the Surrey six? That's two officers now caught red handed breaking ethical and criminal law. There's a couple people who should be fired outright. I suppose if they were recipients of The Order of Canada they'd get to keep it. Asshats.

Anyway, the last night for Dollhouse, which is a shame, seems if I like a program it'll get cancelled.
Remember: Pushing Daisey's? Boomtown? Moonlight? New Amsterdam? Jericho? Sarah Conner Chronicles? The Unusuals? Life? Freaks and Geeks? Bah.

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