Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's funny

Not funny haha, but funny odd how my priorities change when I'm in constant pain.
Last week I was moaning and dripping about money and shoes and a dress for the wedding.
I was badgering Buzz (hard to believe I know) about getting fitted for a suit, worried about The Boy's clothes and the price of a hotel. Then there was my hair, my uneven grey hair.

This week I'm prepared to give away everything and everyone I hold dear for just one pain free day.
The first snake oil salesman to knock on my door can have it all. If he brings cake, he can have absolutely everything.
Cake and a pain free day to scarf it down sounds pretty sweet to me right now.

1 comment:

  1. ah, you're singing my song!

    I've only had to deal with bad pain since about... May? Had chronic, but fairly ok pain since my 30s.

    one full night's sleep without pain. That's my wish on the list!

    Can't offer much more than sympathy... and best wishes that you find that miracle whatever that eases your pain for you.