Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Well the, "They took Christ out of Christmas" memes have started again.
Most from 2013, so yeah they're really relevant.

The last few days I've seen the Ben Stein Holiday tree story eight times.
It's from 2013 and we all know that Trump has already started on the phony Christian line about the holiday.
I call it that because he's no more a Christian then I'm a lingerie model.

 I blog about *they* every year.

*They* won't let us say Merry Christmas.

*They* make war heroes live on the streets.

*They* give refugees tons of money.

Again, I'll  ask you middle aged, privileged, white Canadians,
"Just what the fuck are you afraid of?"

You can say Merry Christmas! WE live in a free country.

You can volunteer with homeless vets if you want, (although there are a few it's not an epidemic like in the U.S.A.) so you can go to one of the homeless shelters and help there.
Better yet, give a street person some warm clothing and a sandwich.

You can help a refugee family, they are refugees, they NEED everything. They don't receive thousands of your tax payer dollars.

It's a fine line between racism/sexism/bigotry/hate and these memes
 The memes are generated by hate groups and trolls trying to cause dissension and conflict.

 It works.

 Every fucking time.

I had a Face Book friend, I say had because I ditched him today.

 He had this big long post about how all men are not rapists.

 I agree strongly with that, there are more good men than we think.

He then went on the defensive about how he was a *victim* on a #MeToo thread.
 He (a middle  aged white man)  went on this thread to stand up for men who are wrongly accused and got shot down for it. 

Again I abhor women/men who point the finger at an innocent person. 
They should be exposed as liars as these false accusations bring down entire lives.

However, where he chose to right this wrong was on a thread where women who had been raped and molested were telling their stories.

He got on there and basically told them that they were wrong.

 Women who'd had atrocious acts done to them, had to see him *Mansplaining* about how he was being victimized by being *lumped* in with all these predators.

He didn't mean it like it came across, I'm sure. He needed to apologize and move on, after he was called on it.

He didn't, he blogged about it.

He's not a victim, he just isn't.

Words matter, memes matter.

Check your facts. Be kind.

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