Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shots and aches

Well we're back after an unscheduled break. OWIE, had a real go of it this time, it started in my hands and randomly fired and attacked the rest of my joints, big and small. Finally it settled for good in my lower back, pitched a tent and stayed. (it's still here)

I thought I was going crazy there for a few days. Had my double flu shot on the 12th, although I registered some arm pain for a few days it was minor compared to my other pain. All in all a good time to get the shots I guess. I was miserable anyway. I took too much codeine and won't discuss the ramifications of that on here. Again, OWIE.

I'm typing on my new laptop; Buzz, after an annoying afternoon got me hooked up (or rather un-hooked) Lots to get used to as I'm not a geek; well ok I was in band and read a lot as a child, (I think that's more nerdy) but computers and their routers are pretty much beyond me. Technology and I, not a good match.

"Hi I'm Louie, I don't have a cell phone and I've never sent a text, ever."

I had to go and buy a wireless mouse, this pad thing is not for me, mouse good, pad bad.

So far I'm enjoying it without the work, I haven't looked at the text or at the disc on how to operate it, and I have a general idea about Windows 7 after some reading. It's more exciting to learn by trial and error for me. So far I haven't hurt it.

I miss the walks with the girls and dogs, hopefully I'll be able to join them again soon. BT alternates between heavy sighs and staring at me. He works the eyebrows but I'm onto his ways.

I am the proud Mother of three fat, fuzzy, and sluggish house cats. Claw is huge and pretty bitchy about it. *The Dullard* has found a way into the cellar by going under the back stairs and we have to free her a couple times a day. She's stopped getting on the roof at least. She has started (and Spud too) stealing food. Most notably the butter. I was always able to keep food on the counters and they'd never get into it, since Spud came there's a different dynamic I guess and they're trying to maintain their fighting weight.

My car was in the shop getting a little body work done and a new windshield, looks awesome now. They did a good job. It's been a wonderful stormy November so far, we've only lost power once for a few hours. I've been sitting in the BFZ with the wind and rain and being able to see the trees bend makes me glad to be alive. I always thought I was a summer person, but I have to say I like this too.

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