Monday, February 1, 2010

Bawling out an alcoholic

Not my finest moment, that's a given. I finally had enough of my sister and her magnified alcohol induced troubles the other night. I lost it, I yelled at her on the phone.

I actually made it 45 minutes into the conversation before tearing her a new one. It was the third time she'd mentioned something in this conversation, and we've had the exact same conversation for the last 5 years or so, I've had enough.

I love my sister, alcoholism is a disease, she was sober for years, but refuses to see that she has a problem again, still. She figures if she sticks to beer she's ok. jeez.

It wasn't the drinking that made me snap, I know from past experience that you can't reason or force an alcoholic to do sweet piss all until they're ready. It's her excuses and refusal to see a Dr.

I'm not talking about not going in when you have a cold or something , she never goes, ever. She can't walk a half block, she has panic attacks, she's scratched herself raw. She uses excuses like, can't walk to the bus, can't afford the bus, don't have a family Dr. etc....

Meanwhile she has $ for smokes and beer, everyday. She manages to get out to get those two items. She gets drunk, she phones and cries because she's sure she has cancer and is going to die before she's fifty. Her fiftieth is the end of this month.

Well I informed her she probably would die and to get off her ass, put the smokes and beer down and get the fuck to a Dr. No more excuses and I won't talk to her until she does. Too harsh? Maybe, but we've been here before her and I. Maybe I'm bitter because the last time she got sober she made ammends to everyone but me. I'm sick of the b.s.


  1. musta been the perigee moon - I had a session of holy holy with the fadder, then the VOD, then C & R respectively

    the only reason the blister didn't get it is cos she's away LoL

  2. You dont know how much this hits close to home for me. My mother is a recovering alcholic, and I love her dearly. But at one point in my life I had to make a stand and break off all communications to her until she could understand the hurt and emotional wreckage she left with me. It was a dozen years before we spoke again, and I offered an olive branch as long as I knew she was sober again. She is, and has 5 years + behind her. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to reconnect with her, because now its an important and loving relationship that I thought I might have lost forever.
    You haven't done anything but the right thing. Your sister has to find that decision to do what she needs to do, and you can't make it for her. But then again, she needs to know the consequences of her actions, and you have blatantly and quite rightly told her. You probably will find that things will be less stressful because of it.
    I applaud you for your action

  3. You did what had to be done Honey, you've been patient and tolerant for years