Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Survivor's Ensign Ricky?

I jot things down that I intend to blog about at a later date. Used to was I couldn't read my handwriting, now I'm totally addicted to the desk top sticky note.
So I brought the notes up today and I'm even more at sea than usual. What the hell does "Survivor's Ensign Ricky" mean? I'm sure it would have been something uproariously funny.

I also have "Jason K.,tooth whisperer." This I do remember, total tooth rebuild, one bite, four visits....$50.00. The man is a miracle worker, the tooth has never fit better. This was followed by, "It's been that way since he stuck that big thing in it." and "I knew it was wrong the minute I said it but I wanted to finish my sentence."

Then we have a quote from The time travellers wife. "May the sea of life stretch before you like glass, and may you always have the wind at your backs."

Next up is "Google Earth waahh." I finally got a look at Google Earth, I espied all our old residences and streets, schools etc. I cried when I saw my Grandpa's house in Prince Rupert, as Betty Davis would say "What a dump."

The Dullard puked in my bed last week, a big putrid pile adjacent to my pillow. ugh. I was not impressed, last night she puked on the night table where she sleeps. There was, laying amid the hair and mucus the perfect ass end of a shrew. Most disgusting thing I've ever had the pleasure of chucking in the garbage. Cats!

Then I have "Schoenborn FUCKER." This piece of crap murdered his three children, and has been found not criminally responsible. Well fuck me running, who the hell is responsible if not that little fuck? Yet another "person" who should have been put down at birth.

A woman I know lost her Aunt Martha and her partner Larry this week. Murdered by a repeat offender who stole a car, graced the Island with his presence and wiped out their bike on the Malahat. Lucas Ian Brown, the world would be a nicer place if Mr. Schoenborn was your father.

Well, I'm leaving at four am tonight/thursday morning to catch the plane to South terminal, then the bigger plane to Rupert. B.U.M.'s funeral is on Saturday afternoon.

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