Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Double standard or rampant stupidity?

I'm so mad right now that I'm hyperventilating. I've been following the news from last night and today about the *incident* in the Kamloops jail.
It's been reported that 4 RCMP officers, 2 civilian guards, and 1 watch clerk, all male, watched 2 female inmates on the CCTV engage in sex. It's also been reported (as if this wasn't bad enough) that the woman who initiated the sex had intimated to the guard that she was HIV positive.
It's also been reported that the two women were in the tank for being inebriated, thus throwing a further immoral cast on the whole incident. They were drunk; ergo the 2nd woman wasn't in the right frame of mind to *consent.*
I feel sick, the woman in my estimation was raped. She was unable to consent, which I'm sure she wouldn't have had she been sober and aware of the medical factors, and she was doubly violated by the very people who are supposed to keep her safe.
Let's talk to the 7 men, let's have a list of what ifs.
What if it was your wife?
What if it was a girl with down syndrome?
What if it was a nun?
What if it was your Grandma?
What if it was a child?
What if it was your daughter?
What if it was a guy in a hood holding down a cheerleader?
Would you have intervened?
You bet your sorry ass you would have.
You sicken me, this all for a giddy little thrill, hope you sleep well tonight knowing that you were all part and parcel to a rape and quite possibly an attempted murder.
It doesn't have to be a male against a female to be a rape, you 7 get paid to take care of the vulnerable people you've arrested.
Just because they've been arrested doesn't give anyone a license to mistreat them, especially you.
I think you should all be fired and have to take some courses and counseling.

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