Monday, August 16, 2010

Pure Nirvana

There's a certain time on a summer evening that I find to be pure Nirvana.
The actual time changes as well as the day of the week. It takes a certain temperature, in the air and in the pool.
Take tonight as a prime example. I headed out to the pool after a very hot day. (hottest temps in B.C.) This followed our record breaker the day before and a so-so week. The pool registered 32 degrees Celsius and the air temp a chilly 33c.
I needed to get the timing right, I find it's good to go when the sun has just started to lower, and the moon is visible. Keeping in mind you need to beat the slugs. The back lawn is fraught with peril in your bare feet with poor visibility. ugh
Aaaahhh, it was great. The sun was an orange ball over my right shoulder, the half moon visible straight ahead. Two cats to keep me company, one on the bench and *The Dullard* stalking me across the open lawn. You remember *The Dullard* she's the one who thinks the radio is a heater and if she hides her head we can't see her.
I floated on my back with a feeling of contentment, I could hear the new flag flapping in the breeze, the big sprinkler on the front yard and very little else. I could smell the slight tang of the pigs next door, but the honey suckle gave it a nice sweet undertone and it wasn't so bad.
I floated in the knowledge that I wasn't tired from cooking because I made supper this morning to beat the heat. I floated in the knowledge that my critters were fed and the watering was done.
I floated in the knowledge that my DSH (domesticated short hair) was doing the dishes.
All in all a perfect pool evening. Life is good.

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