Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh so preventable

Wow, where to start this week.
Duncan teenager Tyeisha Jones was murdered. Poor little girl, out at a house party and then on her way to meet a friend. How very sad and heartbreaking. I can only hope they catch the murderer in a timely manner , and throw away the key. I can't help but think about her poor mother.

Outdoor adventures in B.C. thought it was a good idea to slaughter 100 healthy dogs. I say slaughter because that's what it was. These little guys were not euthanized in a vet's office, but picked off in front of one another and rolled into a mass grave. How the Hell does something like this happen? Why oh why couldn't they utilize the Social Media and ask for homes or money to care for these animals?
I personally could have found at least 40 homes and probably dozens more foster homes, if only they'd asked. I am absolutely sick about this and am boycotting their business, you can too.


They thought business was bad before, well they have another think coming. Today the shooter wants compensation, as he was just doing as he was told. That right there is why God gave you a conscience and the ability to tell right from wrong. You just should have walked away buddy, no job is worth that.

Dr Smith the pathologist lost his medical license today. He plead no contest to professional misconduct and incompetence. There's another one who should go to jail, due to his fudging and out and out idiocy he sent William Mullins-Johnson to prison for 12 years for the rape and murder of Mr. Mullins-Johnson's 4 year old niece. 12 years, not to mention the stigma attached to this innocent man for the rest of his life. Plus as Mullins-Johnson pointed out, "Justice was not served."
There's still a guilty party out there.
Out of 44 cases they reviewed, 20 were found to be screwed up and resulted in 13 people being criminally charged.
These are families who not only lost their children, but had charges brought against them.

Metered Internet! WTF? Seriously? Dudes, come on. Sheesh. Go here, like it, sign the letter/petition to stop this lunacy.


Then a lot farther from home, but very disturbing is the crisis in Egypt. I call it a crisis, there have been deaths, injuries, injustice and a huge amount of property damage.
Mr. Mubarak, just leave already, follow your family and get the Hell out of Dodge. You're done, really. 29 years is long enough to be a power hungry omnipotent despot, you aren't a young man any longer, go away.

Today he announced that he wouldn't run in the next election. DUH
I couldn't quite wrap my head around the damage to the museum, what a senseless thing, and oh so preventable.....Show your support for the people of Egypt.

Well let's see, on the home front we're all ok. Had a merry chase and obsessive time getting my passport application in. Whatever will I do now?
Had a couple days where I felt like I was run over by a street sweeper, not fluish but not arthritis either, odd.
Hot water tank went a couple weeks ago, that was fun.
Dog is scratching and chewing at himself again, this after a couple hundred in treatments and whatnot.
Cats are good, shedding already and exhibiting signs of spring fever/insanity. So basically normal, for cats.

I've been haunting the movie store. My reviews:
Red=pretty good.
A-Team=pretty kinda ok but longish.
Winter's Bone=Best movie ever.
Expendables=Things go boom, I laugh.
Salt=Freaking A, way to kick butt Angelina (predictable plot. but good)
Resident Evil, afterlife=usual campy goodness.
Henry Brown=depressing, but really well acted.
Eat Pray Love=good, I was surprised. (Julia Roberts ain't no pretty woman when she cries) (really)

Well I'm outta here, gotta feed the meter........hehe

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