Friday, February 25, 2011

Where would you be

without your pets?

We aren't all fortunate or financially/physically capable of owning a pet. (or in the case of a cat owner, being owned)

I'm lucky enough to have three cats and Booker Todd. When we first brought Booker home I was in the midst of a big fibromyalgia flare that lasted almost 6 months. I was on the verge of taking him back to the S.P.C.A, because I felt that I wasn't capable of caring for him properly.

We couldn't go for walks and I couldn't wrestle with him or chase him around the dining room table. Soon I was to discover that Booker took care of me, not the other way around.

He got me out of bed in the morning, he got me moving and he got me out of my head. (where quite frankly it can be a tad bit scary)

He makes me laugh, he makes me worry about him and not myself. He's excellent company when Buzz is working nights, even if he justs lies on his end of the couch and farts.

I talk to him all day, or I tell people I'm talking to him. (makes me seem less crazy to the casual observer)

He's brought me back to a group of friends that through my own idiocy and self imposed isolation I'd almost lost.

I have two friends right now who are ill and housebound, off of work and feeling some of the isolation that you feel when you're in chronic pain.

They both have pets and I really believe if it wasn't for our cats and dogs that they'd be in dire straights right now.

I'm not a religious person, however I believe our fur babies were sent to us by a higher power, we are blessed.

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