Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dona Nobis Pacem 2015

Well I'm optimistic on this fine day. Justin Trudeau was sworn in as our Prime Minister, and our new cabinet looks great. Really great. 
I find that I'm looking forward to what will come next.
Love him or hate him, we have to give him a chance. Nine years of Mr Harper, has given him a monumental work load. 
The naysayers are already grumbling about him not being able to bring as many refugees in as he said. 
I say give him a chance, he has literally been Prime Minister for a couple of hours, sheesh. 
Let's get back to family and being a kinder gentler nation.
I'm gobsmacked at the rampant racism that seems to be the norm these days, if a woman wears a ha-jib for personal or religious reasons it doesn't give anyone the right to castigate her in their blogs and their forums.
When did we get so mean? We rail against bullying, (which in itself is bullying) and rant about things that we don't like. We freely call people fag or retard or stupid if we disagree with their views or political stance.
 We can't seem to understand that we can do this because we live in a *free* country.
I was so relieved at the end of the election, not that Mr Trudeau was elected (although that was good) but that the hateful campaign could end. The bitching and backstabbing and mass hysteria.
Finally a little peace in our Government.
Lets be nicer to one another and stop the negativity, lets give it a shot, really it's not that hard.
Let peace begin with you in your homes and in our schools and churches. Lets teach by example, that's how our kids learn. Hate in, hate out. Lets fix it.
Lets give Mr Trudeau a chance to fix it.
Peace out my hippie friends!


  1. Well said.......I am relieved we have a fresh start and can get back to being a peacekeeping nation, a kinder, gentler nation, as you have said so well.

  2. Oh no way - you live in Port Alberni? Me too!

  3. Very true and well said, we join you today in blogging for peace. We live in BC too!

  4. Peace to you and yours!!!