Monday, November 16, 2015

From my FB page.

Hello friends and family. Welcome to my wall of positivity and love. If you agree with any of the following statements, I invite you to unfriend and block me. #1 All Muslims are terrorists. #2 All Priests are pedophiles. #3 All Southerners belong to the KKK. #4 The Burka should be banned in Canada. #5 All refugees are ISIS members. #6 The Westboro baptists are a great example of Christians. #7 Only Christian prayer should be allowed in schools. #8 All Irishmen are drunks. #9 All men are rapists. #10 I'm being persecuted for my religion in Canada. #11 All turbans, Hajibs and Yarmulkes should be banned. Seems silly to lump in the KKK with a Burka eh? Well that's what you're doing. All these memes and blanket statements based on no factual information are just silly. That's right, silly, and hurtful and racist. Should take care of our Veterans before we open the border? We're trying! 9 years of Mr Harper cutting services can't be fixed in a couple weeks. Give it a chance. No one is forcing you to be un-Christian either. If you want to say Merry Christmas and have a Christmas tree go ahead. You live in Canada, you can do that here. There are as of 2013, under 300 homeless veterans in Canada. Not thousands, we live in Canada not in the USA. You put up memes about supporting our vets but the pictures are of Americans and British vets. Yes we should take care of our own first, again with the cuts and again give it a chance. It's on all of us. Give your umbrella away, make someone a sandwich, donate your old coats, Hell buy a new coat. These are all things you can do yourself to ease a homeless person's misery for a few hours. The refugees from Syria are homeless and running for their lives, seems to me it's just common decency to help them. They'll be vetted, maybe one rotter will slip through, maybe not. That's what they want you to think with the ID that conveniently popped up. They were Belgian Nationals that terrorized Paris. ISIS is a scourge, (I'm not all pie in the sky here) and hopefully it'll be dealt with. You can't throw the whole pot of spaghetti out because the cat licked the edge of the crock pot.....(wait that was here) I dislike the Trojan horse meme, I dislike the fake news stories about Syrian rapists getting European women. Come on people give your heads a shake. The real story is about gangs roaming Paris beating on non-whites. We're the problem, not the poor Syrian running away from total destruction of their homeland. Lets be nice, and fair and try to help one another. I don't want to hear anything negative. Keep it to yourself, or delete me, please. So post your songs and poems and positive stuff here on my wall. Love, peace out.

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