Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Woodsmoke and stew.

I'm always surprised at this time of year how quickly it becomes fall. Bang, it's colder, windier, wetter. The trees are changing and losing their leaves. Two weeks ago I was optimistically dosing the pool and marveling at how hot it still was. Now I'm wondering who's at the switch.

There's still some beautiful sunny days, just not that choking heat. I couldn't conceive of wearing long pants or sleeves, let alone a coat or heaven forbid SOCKS, in July. I wondered if we'd ever need the woodstove or heater again.

Now I'm scrambling at the back of the closet looking for my sweaters and hoodies; those too small jeans that some sick puppy swapped for mine and the flannel jammies as opposed to the cotton ones.

I love fall, I love the undertones in the air, the smell of woodsmoke, the smell of the last of the roses and sweetpeas. I also love the rain, I know shaddup already but I do. I'm a creature from one of the wettest place in North America, and it ain't natural (in my view) to go months without it. Sure I'll be whining soon that all it does is rain, for now I love it.

I love that I can cook in the house (how uptown) I like to cook food that takes all day. Soups, stews, roasted meat, and I miss that comfort food in the summer. I like that I can have a fire in the yard, and in the woodstove. Nothing like woodheat for the joints; and again I'll be snivelling about the work and dirt involved before too long.

The snowball trees have changed, the maples are shedding, the flower bushes and gardens are more brown than purple, pink or orange, the pool is empty and there's a ton of stuff to put away for the winter. The cats are plumping up and getting puffy cheeks. I'm gonna put on long pants, socks and a coat and get out there, maybe I'll light a fire.......

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