Thursday, October 1, 2009


the act or fact of appearing, as to the eye or mind or before the public: the unannounced appearance of dinner guests; the last appearance of Caruso in Aïda; her first appearance at a stockholders' meeting.
the state, condition, manner, or style in which a person or object appears; outward look or aspect: a table of antique appearance; a man of noble appearance.
outward show or seeming; semblance: to avoid the appearance of coveting an honor.
Law. the coming into court of either party to a suit or action.
appearances, outward impressions, indications, or circumstances: By all appearances, he enjoyed himself.
Philosophy. the sensory, or phenomenal, aspect of existence to an observer.
Archaic. an apparition.—Idioms
keep up appearances, to maintain a public impression of decorum, prosperity, etc., despite reverses, unfavorable conditions, etc.: They tried to keep up appearances after losing all their money.

I watched MacKenzie Phillips last night on Larry King. After she answered all his questions forthwith and sincerely it appears that she was telling the truth. It appears that Papa John was a pretty lax Father in all things. He allowed her to hitch-hike and go to clubs when she was 14, she was offered a ride, took it and was raped. He gave her drugs, he had sex with her while outwardly appearing like a good old hippie.

MacKenzie on the other hand couldn't keep up appearances, she was fired (twice) by *One day at a time* for doing drugs, however the 2nd time she was caught Valerie Bertinelli was also doing drugs and based on her appearance (cute, innocent all American teen) she wasn't fired.

I have to commend MacKenzie for coming forward.

Take having Fibro for instance, I appear fine. No body parts falling off, no disfigurement, coughing, sneezing or bulbous lumps or rashes. People always assume I'm fine or faking because they say "Gee, you look good, you must be better!" Meanwhile under the outward appearance I'm a screaming, raging, achy, mess.

Same with serial rapists or pedophiles or wife(husband) murderers. You always hear from people (usually the Mother of the monster or the next door neighbor) "He/She was a model child."or "They were such quiet neighbors, we used to talk over the fence."

Take this Bishop Lahey for example, newly retired from Nova Scotia, entrusted with 15 million dollars to dole out to survivors of abuse perpetrated on kids by the Catholic Church. He was arrested yesterday for child pornography. He appeared to be a Grandfatherly, pious devout man, humbled by his responsibilities.

Roman Polanski is another example, he was charged and convicted of raping and sodomizing a minor in 1977. He pled guilty and scurried off to France before his sentencing. He appeared to be a young grieving widower. This case bugs me because CNN is continually saying "He has to come back to the States to face these charges of child rape." He already faced the charges, he was convicted, he needed to come back and receive his sentence and serve his time. He's already paid the Girl (she sued him) and she's publicly forgiven him.

I'm up in the air about flu shots too. They appear to help, we need them to get through this pandemic, but now the gov't is saying not to have your regular flu shot as it may up your percentage to get H1N1, but to have the H1N1 as soon as you can. aarrgg They appear to know what they're talking about, but they change their frigging advice every day. Apparently (this yesterday) seniors should have both.

I was watching CNN today and there was a fantastic story. This stranger/bystander entered a burning apartment building in the Bronx and pulled a trapped four year old boy out. He shielded him from smoke and sparks, got him a safe distance away and waited for the firemen. When they interviewed him I was shocked. He appeared to be a Goomba, right down to the gold jewellery and the accent, slicked back hair, and leather jacket. (I'm sure he was wearing a wire) Billy Cretan, you're a hero and thank you for not being what you appeared to be.

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