Friday, October 16, 2009

Booker Todd's walkies reports.

Today we had our 2nd walkies with two new members Nelly and Boo. We took the trail behind my house, it was in good repair with lots of twisties and a couple low branches.

I led ,followed closely by Boo with his human Marg. I was happy that Boo was able to control Marg when we passed two ladies Marg didn't snap at them, not once.We had an awkward moment when Nelly stuck her tongue in my humans mouth (gross) Nelly doesn't know where that mouth has been.

Bodie started things off by pooping in front of the house before we left, Buddy had some collar issues but Remi hung with him 'til they were fixed.I was told that I was speeding a bit and promise to hold back for the two old humans who brought up the rear.

We had a good tail wag, solved the booze accesability problem by knocking it onto the ground and suckered two cookies each from my human. All in all a good walkie.I sniff therefore you are.....

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