Saturday, October 10, 2009

HFZ, Thanksgiving and Birthdays

I've been wandering around the house all day, I can't seem to settle on any one thing. I read a sentence, drop the book, I write a sentence, drop the pen. My coffee has gone cold twice and I've almost lost the fire in the woodstove.

I know I have mis-givings and I get moody and introspective around any family holiday, and then it dawns like a light; Mom's birthday is tomorrow. Crap. The old brain knew, the body knows ;I just somehow pushed it down.

I managed to get out of my funk this past week, S innocently asked last Sunday on Face Book "Who wants to go walkies?" Well BT and I did, we went Monday morning around the Dyke with five humans and four dogs. We went again on Wednesday on the log train trail with six humans and six dogs. It was nice to visit with friends I've woefully neglected these past couple years.

We started a FB page the HFZ (harness free zone) for the pups and their people. It's a take off on the BFZ I started years ago. We have pictures and video and it'll be nice to stay in touch through the page and the walks.

The Boy got penciled in at one of his jobs so it'll only be three of us for turkey on Monday, but that's ok, I'll make dog biscuits with the left overs (thanks for the recipe Drac) I'm actually almost souped out. I know, weird eh?

What am I thankful for? The usual, my kids #1, Buzz #1.1, friends that are getting medical care and some answers( finally) My Mom for putting up with *The Dad* long enough to have kids, and my critters, who oddly enough get me out of bed every morning.

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