Friday, October 16, 2009

Booker Todd's walkies reports.

Sorry this is so late. I had my rough draft done but then it was my turn to wash the dishes (Claw dried) Then Grey's Anatomy came on and I had to go to bed right after.

There were three of us yesterday with our humans, Mom embarrassed me by taking me in her tacky red car and passing out her homemade cookies. (yuck) Bodie tried to choke one down to be polite but Buddy didn't care. Then she KISSED me in front of everyone. (double yuck)We all did poopies just to show our disdain.

We saw fishies spawning and we waded and got muddy (take that Mom)There were a lot of old humans perambulating and taking the air, and we saw one other dog (he was fat)Mom let me off my leash finally and I pretended to be a good Boy this time so she'll do it again, then I can make my move.

I wonder how she'd like something tight around her neck. Maybe if I had thumbs I'd wrap my paws around her nec................."Oh, hi Mommy!""What's that? I have to dry dishes? OK, just give me a minute to finish my walkies report. Well tell fat ass to just stop washing for two minutes!! I don't think I need to apologize, just look at her, she's immense, her gut drags on the floor."

"Alright, alright I'm sorry you're so fat Clawdette. Oh, bah Baby! Geez alright, I'm sssooooorrrryyyy! Mom! I just need another minu.....fine!"Well I have to go and dry dishes now, sorry for the short report. I wish I had thumbs, I'd wrap my paws around Clawdette's neck and squeeze.
I sniff therefore you are........

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