Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cats, the other white meat

That about sums up the calibre of the conversation in the BFZ today. Don't we have fun? It was good to see the girls and just laugh about all things odd. When the end comes we all have our jobs, Marg prescriptions, Kim potable water, Jilly fuel, BT and I security. Then we eat the cats. BT is particularly happy about that one.

I got the cards done yesterday, all of them thank you very much, the tree is still in the box and
I've decided to just drop some snarled lights in the box and call it a day....hehe Done like uber Mom.

Haven't heard from the Boy for a couple days....hhhmmm. I'll have to eat the first 6 days of his advent calendar myself. (wouldn't want the chocolate to get stale) A good Mother wouldn't want him getting pukey. I'm all about the good mothering. I suffer.

The yard looks all blah to me. I still haven't hauled all the bunnies in for winter, a big job, really. There's a lot of frigging bunnies. Wooden, glass, rock, ceramic etc.... Gotta get on that before too long. Louie's broken bunny recovery home.

I may shop tomorrow, or not. I know what I need to buy, just lack the strength or the inclination. It's really not that late. Seems everyone rushes to have it *all* done by the first week in December. Sheesh, have a beer, read a book it'll get done, or not.

I received a nice chatty e-mail from my Moms cousin Susan, very much appreciated as I'm going through my *woe is me in pain all the time and my family is dead and the living ones are annoying* phase. Should last another 7 years or so, then I'll be good.

Time to chase the corpulent tabby cat around and around the house to snatch her up so she can pee. I really gotta cut back on all this exercise, wouldn't want to appear too manly to Buzz.

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  1. When I said it was possible to drink pee I wasn't exactly speaking of potable water....