Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A little recreational battering

Here we go again, yet another famous family man accused in the tabloids of mowing someones lawn. Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. The legit media (hah) hasn't come right out and said what they really think/deduce, but they sure as Hell allude to it. Golf club, fight, other woman, etc.

The media has turned this incident into a three ring circus, they bad, Tiger bad, Mrs tiger really bad. Just think if it was the other way around. Mrs Tiger behind the wheel of a vehicle, scratched and battered (not from the accident) being hovered over by her husband with a golf club. There would be an uproar and rightfully so.

What do I think happened? I think the tabloids busted the story about Tiger and Ms. Uchitel. Tiger and Elin have a blow out, she slaps/scratches him about the head and shoulders, he takes off for the garage, she chases him with one of his clubs (maybe even connects) he gets in the car, backs into the hydrant, pulls out loses consciousness runs into the neighbors tree. Elin isn't done yet, she chases the car down and smashes the back window. Then *renders* first aid. yeah right, more like renders him unconscious.

So now Tiger is refusing to comment, he's cancelled all appearances until next year and he's paid a hefty fine of$164.00. Big deal. I think he needs to tell the truth, embarrassing or not and I think his wife should be charged with battery. Plus the media should back the Hell off.


  1. I agree

    and wtf is it with men that can't keep their business in their pants?

    I don't get it - is it a genetic predisposition?
    I don't know - I sure as hell know it happens a lot guys, poor guys and inbetween guys seem to have a problem...there's no race no creed no color that doesn't....

    I don't get it.
    that's why I'm single.

  2. I haven't a clue. You'd think the concept of *Keep it in your pants, or in your wife." would be an easy one.
    I think that's why the Twilight series is such a hit, not only with the younger set but with the older housewives/husbands, a little fantasy of true loves and soul mates.
    You just know Edward would never cheat on Bela, Hell he was even prepared to die for her. sigh

  3. And that is why they are fantasy movies....because in real one is is just that the celebrities end up wearing their dirty laundry all over the place...
    Homelessness is news
    Poverty is news
    An unhealthy planet is news
    Adultery is not....