Friday, December 4, 2009

I did something right

last year, I actually bought Christmas cards on the 28th of December for 50% off. Who knew?
So apparently I have no excuse now. aarrgghh.
I had Buzz haul out my little tree, it sits forlorn and unassembled in it's box, it's insidious whispering is getting to me, "Make me pretty Mommy!" "Light me up!" "I love you, let me brighten up your life."

Still not sleeping, it's getting a little old. I quit the napping and any hint of caffeine after noonish. Still no joy. I never thought I'd miss the night drugs, big old flabby ass aside.

I ventured out of the house today for a whole hour. Whoopeeeee, all I have for my trouble is some groceries and a new knee ache. I have no idea why I'm anxious about being *ready* for Christmas, we've scaled back a lot and it's really not a lot of work. I guess it's all the uber Mommies on FB talking about all the baking and buying and decorating houses on the 1st of December. Makes me feel inadequate, so shaddup about it.

December 4th today. My nephew is 28, Buzz and I moved in together 29 years ago and it would have been my parents 50th anniversary. Kisses Mommy Ma'am and Daddy Sir.

The dog has developed a nervous gnawing thing on his right pork chop. I'm constantly yelling at him to leave it alone. Milly (best dog ever) had skin problems her whole life, plus she was allergic to fleas, so I'm concerned. BT hasn't any fleas (not for the big $$$ we paid) so maybe a hot spot or one of the cats got sick of being wrangled and bit him.

It was chilly today, but the sun was out and the prescription rebate came in so hello Christmas shopping, maybe, in a couple days, whatever.

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  1. Dont sweat the small stuff girl . Things will get done what needs to be done. Not a big deal. Dont stress out over the little stuff.