Monday, December 21, 2009

Lets rub eyes like the Eskimos

"Lets rub eyes like the Eskimos"

This is a statement from my double eye/ear infected husband; also known as the gift that keeps on giving. What more could a girl ask for?

Buzz has been down with this cold for over a week and I've been frantic trying to stay un-infected. He has his own silverware, towels, and dishes. I have an anti-bac station set up in front of the bathroom door. I use my shirttail to open doors and turn on taps, and I still had a gummy eye yesterday. aarrgghh.

I've decided to cook the turkey on Christmas eve this year, it's just us four, hopefully that'll leave Christmas day for vegging and watching Sons of Anarchy, consuming salted snacks and drinking beer. All favorite things of mine.

Booker Todd is so spoiled, he starts staring at us around three thirty. He wants his supper, or a chewy stick. He puts his head on your arm or in your lap and works the eyebrows. We of course give him treats, so this reinforces the bumming behaviour. sheesh. The Dog whisperer would be horrified.

Sad about Brittany Murphy, she looked awfully thin. Speculation abounds in the media, eating disorders and drugs seem to be the most prominent, I wish they'd just do the responsible thing and wait for the autopsy. CNN is really getting trashy now, I noticed it when Anna Nicole Smith died. Drives me nuts, yes yes I know I can turn it off, but I'm a news hound always have been.

Speaking of inappropriate, I wonder how long Michael Jacksons' family are going to live off his corpse. These people are beyond ghoulish, and should be ashamed of themselves. They've had no career the last 20 years or so. bah

I love the new Stephen Seagal show on A&E, I really shouldn't, but I do...hehe Bunch of overweight deputies running around the Parish.

I read Roadside Crosses by Jeffrey Deaver and I loved it. Uber bloggers and gamers. Did you see that story on the news about the guy in Japan who married an avatar? Talk about synthetic and real world blurring. Ass, he says he won't date/marry a real girl because it would be unfaithful to his electronic wife. Like he has a shot anyway.

A couple things happened this week from the old *bike* friends in Victoria. I am not impressed, but then again only one thing was directed at me and and I think I'm better off without that person in my life. Finally. The other thing was indirect and I have too much respect for a good lady to hash it out in here. Sorry for being cryptic.

I'm already pale and flubbery. How'd that happen so soon? Can't be the food, no that ain't it...

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